Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours of operation?

Our official hours are Monday 5pm-9pm, Sunday & Tuesday - Thursday: 11am - 9pm, Friday, Saturday: 11am - 9:30pm. We will often stay open as long as we have customers and still have a chef.
In the future, we hope to stay open later on Fridays and Saturdays, particularly to serve students at local colleges!

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How far do you deliver, and is there a fee?

Distance Minimum order size Delivery fee
<2.5 miles $20 None!
<3 miles $20 $2
<4 miles $40 $4

For further distances, large orders and special accommodations please email us at or call (650) 508-1000

Don't forget to tip your driver for their hard work! Here are some recommendations.

Poor service Good service Excellent service
10% 15% 20%

It is also considerate to tip more during bad weather or longer distances.

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Do you provide catering?

Yes, we are experienced in dealing with large orders for special events. Please email us at or call (650) 508-1000

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Do you host events at your restaurant?

Yes, we make our dining space available for private parties and get-togethers. We can configure to accommodate as many as 30 people.
Adequate lead time is appreciated. We sell beer and wine, but if you bring your own, we do ask a corkage fee.

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What if I want to place a large order?

We can handle large orders at any time during the day. However, if it is being placed for the evening rush-hour period between 4-7pm, we ask that you call ahead so we can prepare.

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What do you offer in services for businesses and offices?

We offer discounts on large quantities of pizza, pastas, sandwiches, and deserts, as well as plates, cups, napkins, and plastic wear. We also have 2 liter soda bottles available.

If you have a recurring need, we can schedule deliveries ahead without needing to renegotiate the order.

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Do you have gluten-free selections?

What can I expect from the new owners?

Our goal is to provide the historical high standard of pizza that has appealed for years to our client base while enhancing the customer service the warmth and welcome of the restaurant, and to encourage group and family fine dining.

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